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Reshaping our health ecosystem with people-driven healthcare

Our mission

Our healthcare system is in crisis, driven by the nearly century-long trend that turned healthcare into a profit-driven industry. At HealthChampion, our overarching mission is to help return us to a people-driven healthcare ecosystem, by empowering individuals with greater control over their health data, decisions and destiny.

It’s not enough to make healthcare more patient-centric. We believe we must change the entire paradigm and give individuals ownership over their healthcare data, as well as the leading-edge tools to leverage that ownership for improved outcomes and smarter decisions.

Our history

We understand that this is no easy task, but the time is right. The core team assembled by Terrence Ryan – who also founded Knightsbridge Consulting (acquired by HP Enterprises in 2006) and Discovery Health Partners (multiple years on Crain’s Fast50 and Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies) – brings together talented individuals with health tech expertise. Our team combines decades of successful experience in the healthcare payer, provider and pharmaceutical arenas, as well as leadership in technology and innovation.

Our approach

We believe that reshaping our healthcare system must be a collaborative process. Our HealthChampion team is guided by agile methodology and lean startup principles that puts people first, while driving innovation. Our solutions are designed and developed with actual users always in mind, and we continuously invite feedback and participation.

Meet the team

Meet some of the key leaders of this revolution.

Terrence M. Ryan

CEO, Chairman, & Founding Partner 


Rey Villar

Founding Partner, Digital & Growth Marketing


David Rodriguez

Managing Partner, Marketing Leader


Suzi Meschbach

Managing Partner, Solutions


Erik Weber

Managing Partner, Product Delivery


Jeff Galas

Managing Partner, Sales Leader


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