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Built In Chicago: 50 Startups to Watch 2020

by | Jan 27, 2020

Technology is Chicago’s fastest-growing industry sector, having grown more 270 percent over the last decade, according to World Business Chicago. And 2019 was a model year that not only encapsulated the growth of technology in the city but also positioned Chicago for further success in 2020 and beyond.

Influential leaders in tech launched Chicago’s Plan for 2033, or P33, to enhance the city’s viability as a global tech hub with a strong and diverse workforce through the next decade. Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot said on Chicago Tech Day that 15 local tech companies have added or will be adding 2,000 jobs through 2020. Uber announced it would be bringing that same number of jobs to Chicago over the next three years and spending more than $200 million annually on the city. 

But it isn’t just major initiatives and companies with household names that will be bringing continued success to Chicago tech. Smaller startups entering the city’s tech scene are shaping everything from mental health care to cryptocurrency trading to vehicle leasing. We found 50 such companies — all fewer than three years old — that are poised for growth in the coming year.



What if an app could digest all of the information from disparate health records and give patients a personalized plan to conquer their biggest health issues? HealthChampion aims to provide just that. The platform pulls in health data from all of a person’s healthcare providers — physicians, therapists and trainers — and even includes information from wearables that track fitness and other medical devices. Based on that data, the platform uses machine learning to craft a personalized health program users can follow to improve their wellness, care for an elderly parent or manage a child’s asthma. Records are backed up via the cloud and the platform enables direct communication with a user’s network of health professionals. 

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