Top Cities for Hypertension - featured image

U.S. Cities With the Highest Rates of Hypertension

In the last months of his tenure, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams issued a call to action against the nation’s most prevalent and treatable chronic health condition. Also known as high blood pressure, hypertension has become an all too common health condition in the United States and around the globe. What percentage of Americans have […]

The Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - featured image

The Most Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures in the United States

Since its emergence in the late 1960s, modern plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in the United States. Many would say, it is now commonplace and widely accepted. From celebrities who have been vocal about their cosmetic procedures to reality television shows about plastic surgery addiction, cosmetic surgeries are not nearly as unusual as they […]

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Understanding What Your Blood Pressure Readings Actually Mean — And How to Manage Your BP for Better Health

Learn about the history of blood pressure readings and what they actually measure Checking your blood pressure is a required part of every check-up with your primary physician, as well as every visit to the emergency room or urgent care clinic. And if you have to stay in the hospital, you can expect your attending […]

Featured - U.S. Counties Where Chronic Diseases are Most Prevalent

Counties Where Chronic Diseases Are Most Prevalent in the U.S

While most of the counties with the highest prevalence of chronic illnesses are concentrated in the South, chronic conditions have been trending up across the entire U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6 in 10 Americans have a chronic disease, and 4 in 10 Americans are living with at least two […]

history of surgery

A History of Surgery: Surgical Techniques from Ancient Egypt to Islam’s Golden Age and Dawn of Modern Medicine

Surgery is commonplace today. But surgical procedures have been practiced since ancient times. Surgical procedures has primarily been the technique that doctors use to treat health issues connected with a disease or injury, but it is also a method for diagnosing a health problem. But not always. In the past century, surgery has increasingly been […]

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Low-Impact Exercises for Health and Wellness

Low-impact exercise is a form of exercise that involves less impact with the floor or the ground and less strain on your joints. High-impact exercises such as running and performing jumping jacks are higher in intensity and harder on the body. Some exercises, such as swimming or biking, are no-impact, meaning that these movements don’t […]

maintaining health during pandemic blog Featured

Maintaining Your Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented people around the world with both physical and mental health challenges. Staying strong and healthy both physically and emotionally while social distancing can be difficult. If circumstances force you to quarantine, look for ways to stay connected virtually with others even if you can’t visit with people outside of your […]

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Spiraling healthcare costs: New solutions to an old problem are emerging

No one would buy a new car without doing some research, shopping around and taking a test drive. So why do Americans seem to accept the high costs of healthcare without conducting the same research? In comparison to other developed countries we use the same amount and receive the same quality of healthcare services. But […]

heallthy snack ideas

Good Health in School: Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Kid

As every parent knows, kids have tremendous energy and are constantly growing. And all that energy and growth requires a lot of feeding and eating. Our children’s brains also need to stay engaged when they’re learning all day, and this requires a healthy diet filled with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. To protect kids’ health […]

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Delusions of data accessibility: A healthcare placebo

Accessing our healthcare records should be as easy as finding out our credit score. Recent legislation — such as the recently publicly-commented on HHS proposal — is finally a step in the right direction. The rules would do what the government initially intended over a decade ago — to “promote patient access to and control over their […]


What’s in my electronic health record (EHR) and who can access it?

Understanding and harnessing the powerful potential of EHRs The U.S. and much of the world is undergoing a profound transformation in how medical and health records are created, stored, used and shared. The digitization of health records has been a huge and expensive undertaking, but at least in the U.S., almost 99% of health systems, […]

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What are your blood test results telling you?

Understanding blood tests and what those elements and numbers on your results mean. Have you ever felt confused when reviewing your blood test results? You’re not alone. Even medical professionals needed time and training to fully understand what the results really mean. For starters, there are different types of blood tests. But regardless of the […]

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What are personal health records?

Why Consumers Need to Take Control of Their PHR Remember the last time you were sick and had to go to your doctor or even hospital? The nurses and physicians probably bombarded you with questions, conducted physical exams and maybe even ran some blood tests. Their notes, test results, diagnoses, prescriptions and treatment all went into your […]

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Health and Wellness: Mindfulness Resources

“Mindfulness” has become a common buzzword in many health-related conversations, but understanding what this word really means can help you to improve your way of life. Being mindful or aware of where you are, what you’re thinking, and what you’re doing is the essence of mindfulness. Everyone can be mindful with some effort, but it’s […]

Personal accountability

Getting personal with healthcare accountability

Under our current complex healthcare system, costs have spiraled out of control and consumers are increasingly disconnected from the providers and services they need to manage healthcare for themselves and their families. People-driven health seeks to empower and encourage consumers to take ownership of their own health journey. We believe it can be the solution […]

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We need people-driven healthcare now more than ever

“Sir, Maybe You Should Be More Responsible For Your Own Healthcare.” As many of you know, I’m a serial entrepreneur. But that’s not why I’m launching HealthChampion. The impetus for this new adventure came a year ago as I underwent a familiar struggle for many healthcare consumers. “Sir, maybe you should be more responsible for […]