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Take the CES Survival Challenge for a chance to win up to $500

And help transform our healthcare industry while you’re at it!

2 ways to win

You can qualify to win $100 just by installing and setting up the app. But you can also qualify to win $400 by taking the CES Survival 2020 Challenge on the HealthChampion app.

Will you help us transform healthcare as we know it?

Our team of digital health leaders is building an app that empowers consumers like you to once again take charge of your healthcare. That’s the key to create real change in today’s healthcare ecosystem.

We’re now looking for trailblazers like you to be the first to test our upcoming health empowerment features — and provide us with the feedback and guidance we need to create the right app for this mission.

All your electronic health data in one place that you control

Fifty years ago, all of your health records could probably fit into one big folder — at your doctor’s office.

Today, we generate a whole folder of data about your health almost every day. Think about the mountains of data generated by your wearables, medical devices, health apps and IoT-enabled monitors, not to mention all the data your healthcare providers are also producing.

HealthChampion is developing an app that will help you bring together all your data into one repository you control. Log on now to start gathering data from your Fitbit watch, Withing scale, Apple Health app or other connected devices.

Tools & pathways to leverage your data to better health outcomes and savings

Having all your data is just a starting point. Now you need tools to leverage your data for better health.

Our research has led us to one of our most critical features: your personalized health pathway.

Medical professionals know that the key to real health improvement requires patient engagement. Our health pathways create a marketplace of health improvement and care programs that you can use to lose weight, manage your diabetes, track your child’s asthma or reach any number of clinical care goals.

We’re rolling out several pathways to help consumers manage top chronic conditions today.

But you can get a taste of our pathway program by taking the CES Survival 2020 Challenge.

The fine print

Registration on app enters participant into $100 Registration Giveaway.
Registration Giveaway ends 1/10/2020 at 4pm PST.
Enrollment in CES Survival 2020 Pathway enters participant into $400 Pathway Giveaway.
Pathway Giveaway ends 1/10/2020 at 4pm PST.
Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email. Winner does not need to be present to win. Open to residents of the continental United States, aged 18 and older. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

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