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We all have a role to play in stopping the virus

Employers are being asked to report on the spread of COVID-19 – How are you doing that?
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Free health app for essential companies

Support your employees' health and manage reporting requirements during the COVID-19 crisis

Essential companies have a responsibility to their employees and the community

During the Coronavirus crisis, we’re providing employers and employees free access to the HealthChampion health monitoring and management platform.

  • Engage your employees through our free mobile platform to track symptoms
  • Different levels of data sharing to fit your company needs and your employee’s comfort level – to ensure the right action at the right time
  • Enable your employees to share with their family to help reduce stress

Helping you support employee health

HealthChampion may not be at the front lines like many of you, but we want to do our part to support you and your employees. Our company health platform takes care of your health reporting and employee health tracking concerns – so you can focus on work that really matters.


Remote working

Stay connected with your employees who have to work from home, by allowing them to share their health statuses automatically.

Family health tracking

Give your employees peace of mind while their at work, by allowing them to track the health of their family members — including their elderly parents.

Reporting requirements

If your company is required to provide Covid-19 employee health reports, our employer dashboard can help you generate reports easily.

Help your employees now and reduce reporting stress 

We understand that these are difficult times for everyone. That’s why we’re sharing the HealthChampion health reporting platform at no cost while this crisis lasts.

But available implementation slots are limited, so schedule your demo now to see if your company qualifies.

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