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Electronic Health Reporter: Health IT Trends In 2020

by | Jan 21, 2020

Electronic Health Reporter recently caught up with a number of health tech leaders to discuss IT trends to anticipate in 2020. Feedback included thoughts from our own CEO, Terrence M. Ryan. 

Terrence M. Ryan, CEO, HealthChampion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Solutions – platforms that aggregate large amounts of patient data, like EHRs/EMRs, will continue to partner with leading AI companies to combine the massive amounts of patient data with other analytics and capabilities to help monitor and treat populations. Digital health management will expand beyond chronic disease management to become a mainstay in the general population.

People will continue to adopt the right technology for their health goals and use digital health management to navigate their healthcare journey. Femtech will continue to expand aggressively as the female population looks to help manage every aspect of their health with both in-person and digital resources.

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Terrence Ryan

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