Fahad Alsabhan

Medical Researcher and Subject Matter Expert

Fahad Alsabhan is a lead medical researcher and subject matter expert at HealthChampion, with demonstrated experience in the hospital and healthcare communications industry in the US and the Middle East. His knowledge within the clinical and writing spectrums of medicine allow him to view the healthcare world from multiple angles.

With clinical experience in surgery, and clinical research at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Fahad bridges medical knowledge and healthcare communications. He has published numerous papers and posters that have been presented at local and national conferences.

Fahad’s skills extend beyond medical communications – he is also fluent in Arabic. Away from work, he enjoys reading journals to stay abreast of medical trends, as well as cooking for friends, traveling, exercising regularly, completing puzzles, and petting dogs.

Recent Posts by Fahad

What are your blood test results telling you

What are your blood test results telling you?

Understanding blood tests and what those elements and numbers on your results mean. Have you ever felt confused when reviewing your blood test results? You’re not alone. Even medical professionals ...
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Too heavy to fight: How the obesity epidemic is threatening U.S. national security

The obesity epidemic has decreased the number of young Americans able to meet the physical conditioning requirements of the U.S. military. Obesity is no longer just a population health challenge ...
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Population Health

3 Ways technology is returning individuals to the center of population health

Returning patients to the center of population health — and empowering them with the right tools — can help solve many challenges faced by population health programs. Ever since Greg ...
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