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Integrate your fitness, health and medical devices

HealthChampion lets you integrate your fitness data from an array of devices and platforms, including…

Apple Health + Daily Burn + Fitbit + Garmin + iHealth + Misfit + Nokia + Omron + Pear Fitness + Polar + Runkeeper + Strava + Striiv + Suunto + StepsCount Piezo + Swimtag + TomTom + Under Armour + Validic + Yoo + Withings

You can also pull in data from leading health and medical devices, including…

AsthmaMD + Dario + Fitbit + Foracare + Higi + iHealth + iGlucose + Misfit + Nokia + Omron + Validic + Withings

Data sharing & protection

Improve the quality of your healthcare diagnosis and treatment by giving your physician, therapist or specialist a more complete picture of your health. Share detailed records and monitoring data easily.

Today’s consumers still face significant challenges when it comes to taking charge of their health data to advance and improve their wellness and health outcomes. Only 25% of patients report actually using their electronic health records (EHRs) to make healthcare decisions.

HealthChampion empowers consumers by putting all their health and medical data into their hands — along with the tools to use that data to get healthier.

– Terrence Ryan, CEO

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