HealthChampion Offers Free Access to COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

by | Mar 31, 2020

Essential businesses can also use app to support employees’ health and manage reporting requirements

CHICAGO,  IL –  HealthChampion, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced it is offering free access to its new COVID-19 tracker with symptom assessment. Since the explosive spread of the novel coronavirus across the world, HealthChampion has been focused on leveraging the full power of its platform to help American businesses and individuals manage and maintain their health during this crisis.

HealthChampion is now providing free access to its remote health monitoring and management platform which allows users to track and monitor COVID-19 symptoms such as body temperature, coughing and shortness of breath. The tracker also conducts daily symptom assessments over a 14-day period, the incubation time of the coronavirus.  People who are self-isolating or sheltering-in-place can also use the app to:

  • Track symptoms for peace of mind – early detection is critical, especially for high risk individuals.
  • Share vitals and health information with family members and provide remote care for loved ones.
  • Connect with lab results and digital health records across a variety of sources for a complete view that can be shared with care providers and family.

“Since the outbreak, HealthChampion has been working around the clock to adapt our solutions to help Americans respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, monitor for symptoms and foster optimal health,” said HealthChampion CEO Terrence Ryan. “In addition, we are also committed to providing resources to the essential business employers and employees serving us all on the front line, whether in our grocery stores and warehouses or hospitals and senior care facilities.”

In addition to supporting the health of the general population, HealthChampion’s COVID-19 offering is uniquely tailored to support essential businesses (those that people rely on in everyday life) during the crisis. Employees of these businesses can use the secure, personal app to manage their family’s health, while employers can easily file required COVID-19 health reports, through HealthChampion’s employer platform. The app allows essential businesses to:

  • Engage employees through HealthChampion’s free mobile platform to track symptoms
  • Enable different levels of data sharing to fit company needs and employee’s comfort level – to ensure the right action at the right time
  • Enable employees to share with their family to help reduce stress

“HealthChampion was founded on the belief that our best weapon is our own healthcare data. This crisis has heightened the urgency to give people control of their own health data and put it to work to protect their well-being and that of their families,” said Ryan.

Register on the web or download the HealthChampion app to start tracking your symptoms today. Employers can contact Jeff Galas to get started, or visit for more info. 

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