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HealthChampion partners with Validic to give consumers and providers access and insight into health data

by | Dec 5, 2019

Validic becomes first company to join HealthChampion’s partner program for companies committed to enabling people to own their health

HealthChampion, the first platform giving people unprecedented control over their health information to improve their individual health goals and outcomes, today announced a new partnership with Validic, a streaming platform that connects personal health data from wearables, medical devices, and apps to healthcare and wellness companies. The partnership marks the launch of HealthChampion’s anticipated partner program to unite companies in a mission of empowering people to access, manage and gain greater insights about their health.

While technology has made it possible to capture an abundance of healthcare data, it has historically been complicated and difficult to access and understand that data. HealthChampion’s platform is built to easily collect and manage health data — from hospital and lab records to mobile health data, personally tracked vitals and other activity. From there, it provides customized tools and resources to help people leverage their digital health data and personal health records (PHR) to optimize their healthcare journeys.

As part of the integration with Validic, HealthChampion will now be able to seamlessly integrate digital health data from wearables, medical devices and apps. 

Providers will now have a more complete picture of their patient’s health and the ability to easily engage with their patients by providing the right support at the right times while consumers will receive greater insights into their health and receive better, more personalized care.

“HealthChampion shares our belief that personal health data should and can be used to improve our quality of life,” said Drew Schiller, CEO of Validic. “Whether using data to better manage diabetes or to focus on healthy living, we are committed to equipping providers with the data they need to deliver the best treatment, while empowering consumers to own their health data and enrich their lives.”

“There has been much justifiable concern about issues related to privacy and interoperability of healthcare data; we believe the solution lies in giving people ownership and control over their own data,” says Terrence M. Ryan, HealthChampion CEO. “We are excited to align with Validic on this mission to make it possible for all people to take the right action toward important decisions concerning their health and quality of life. It’s about providing the right data, at the right time, to empower the right action.”

The partnership will serve as a trailblazer in the healthcare industry as they address the lack of education and confidence consumers experience when considering healthcare options. From accessing old health records to reviewing data collected yesterday from wearables, consumers are empowered to manage and share their health information at their fingertips.

“HealthChampion is committed to advocating for manageable healthcare solutions for our consumers,” adds Ryan. “Coalescing with Validic will make this vision all the more attainable.” 

About HealthChampion: 

HealthChampion is building the world’s first people-driven healthcare platform to give consumers unprecedented control over their healthcare while providing the highest level of security and privacy. Combining technology, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and health scoring, we’re enabling consumers to own their medical records, spend less for quality care, and achieve optimal health. This breakthrough technology will provide users with more insights into their health, connecting them with providers and specialists across the U.S., and drive health recommendations. HealthChampion is headquartered in Chicago, IL, with an office in Milwaukee, WI. Our team includes the founders and leaders of Knightsbridge Solutions (acquired by former HP Enterprises), LaunchPoint / Discovery Health Partners (Inc. 500 and Crain’s Fast50 multi-year awardee) The Advisory Board and Tricast Health.

About Validic:

Validic guides healthcare and wellness organizations through the technical complexities associated with accessing and operationalizing patient-generated health data. Validic’s scalable, secure solutions help you improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes by delivering personal health data from hundreds of home health devices seamlessly into your existing clinical workflows. To find out how healthcare is innovating to create more data-driven and integrative healthcare experiences, visit or follow Validic on Twitter at @validic.

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