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The HealthChampion COVID-19 platform for hospitality companies can help you protect your workplace & reassure your clients
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Caring for your staff

Whether you’re managing a hotel, restaurant, bar, resort, casino or an entertainment venue, the HealthChampion remote monitoring solution helps you continuously screen your staff for COVID-19 symptoms, while also guiding them through recommended wellness and hygiene procedures to maintain their health.

How HealthChampion protects & reassure your team

Prevent COVID entry

The HealthChampion employee app screens for common Coronavirus symptoms before they leave home.

Care for your employees

Monitor your workforce with your employer dashboard to know which employees need your support.

Healthier employees

HealthChampion also provides your employees with tools to improve and manage their own health.

Reassure your guests

Share your daily tracking results with customers and guests to let them know what you’re doing to prevent COVID-19 from entering your facility — and caring for your employees.

How HealthChampion protects your staff and guests


CDC guidelines

HealthChampion incorporates the most current CDC guidelines for our workplace screening protocols.

Customized alerts

Program your alerts for employees who have symptoms, so that they know exactly what steps they need to follow.

Easier reporting

We make it easy for managers and admins to produce reports, as well as view past trends.

The COVID-19 employer dashboard

Easily stay on top of Coronavirus symptom tracking & reporting


The customizable HealthChampion dashboard provides real-time symptom monitoring for your entire team.


  • Your employees can self-report through their smart phone, PC or tablet.
  • Immediately highlight employees that need to see a doctor or self-quarantine before coming back to work
  • Understand which employees need your support and care

Integrated with the HealthChampion consumer app

More than monitoring

The HealthChampion consumer app empowers your employees — and their families


During this Coronavirus crisis, HealthChampion is making its powerful consumer health app available for free. Even if you don’t use our COVID-19 solution for employers, you can empower your employees with our helpful app.


  • Family health. Users can monitor their entire family for symptoms — even parents and children living far away.
  • Medical records. For the first time, consumers can now gather together all their family’s digital health records from all their doctors, hospitals and providers.
  • Health data sharing. Users can securely and privately share their health records with family members, as well as with their doctors and healthcare providers.
  • Health improvement. App users can take advantage of care “pathways” for losing weight, smoking cessation or managing chronic conditions.

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