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Empowering Patients for Engagement

Engagement, Outreach and Comprehensive EHR Solutions for Medical Groups

Empowering Patients for Engagement

Engagement, Outreach and Comprehensive EHR Solutions for Medical Groups

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In addition to providing a more comprehensive EHR resource for both patients and the medical professional, the HealthChampion platform also drives greater engagement and expanded recruitment for your group’s practice.

The Challenge

Population health is both a continuing challenge and a potential area of opportunity for many medical groups and practices. Instead of just treating illnesses and chronic conditions, a population health approach allows your group to care for your patients more holistically and continuously.

Your group’s investment in electronic health record (EHR) systems are a good first step. You may have also taken the extra step of reengineering your practice to create care teams, as well as introduced initiatives like extended hours, open-access scheduling, online resources and closer supervision of patients with chronic conditions or high-risk lifestyles.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough, especially if your community has known health risk factors (personal, social and environmental) that contribute to health problems and increased costs.

For many medical practices and healthcare providers who want to do more for their patients’ health, the key challenge is addressing the gap in their patients’ engagement.

HealthChampion for Group Patient Engagement

HealthChampion provides a platform that can help medical groups and healthcare providers finally get ahead of the curve – by focusing on the successful engagement and empowerment of their patient community.

Post-Checkup Management

Challenge: Patients with treatable risk factors or chronic conditions fail to follow recommendations, especially when long-term lifestyle changes are required to prevent serious illness or disease.

Solution: HealthChampion helps keep your patients on track with their medication and care management by making it easier for them—and you.

In addition to providing them with all their EMR data and your recommendations, we provide a detailed knowledge base and personalized program to guide them on the path to better health. We also collect real-time data from fitness apps (such as FitBit and Apple watches) and home medicla devices, to provide you with detailed tracking data during your next appointment or call.

Population Engagement

Challenge: You’ve identified and advised high-risk patients on steps they need to take to address their chronic conditions, but many fail to follow recommendations due to lack of motivation.

Solution: HealthChampion employs an array of user feedback loops, advanced UX designs, proven gamification tactics and empowerment strategies to provide the personalized motivation many patients need to stay engaged and on the path.

Our platform also meets your patients where they’re situated.

Whether through online support forums on their tablet or through our handy app on their ever-present smart phone, we provide your patients with the resources, motivation and incentives they often need.

Creating Your Own Care Plans

The HealthChampion platform not only improves your service and outreach. It can also expand your available service, to improve health outcomes, patient engagement and user loyalty.

Our Health Pathways feature allows you to create co-branded health management programs to help your patients even after your session ends.

You can use our platform to create pathways for weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise, nutrition or other health improvement regimens. You can then share your customized pathways with your users or market them to our HealthChampion community.


Leverage your co-branded pathways to increase and improve engagement with your patients, as well as improve communication and collaboration with care managers.


Instead of servicing one-off needs, help your patients get on the road to healthier lifestyles and better health outcomes. Use your experience and expertise to design effective programs for your key communities.


Increase user retention and return engagements by adding our gamification tools to your custom health pathways – which incentivize consistent use, daily activity and commitment to their personal health journeys.

Helping Patients Manage Their Chronic Conditions

The HealthChampion platform provides customizable health pathways that your patients and members can use to manage specific chronic diseases or their transitions to healthier lifestyles.

Weight Management

Personalized and incentivized programs to help individuals get control of their weight.


Exercise, medication and stress reduction programs to help individuals control their blood pressure.


Nutrition, exercise, medication and lifestyle programs to  cholesterol and triglycerides in check.

Smoking Cessation

Clinically based programs to help smokers kick the habit and guide them on the path to better health.

Empowering Your Medical Group’s Patients

At HealthChampion, we believe that long-term success in population health for medical groups and practices depends on using technology and innovation to first give consumers more control over their health and care. One of many barriers to continued engagement with more of your population is the sense of powerlessness that patients often feel when confronted with a serious condition or chronic disease.

By putting consumers in greater control of their health journey, HealthChampion transforms the dynamic from care-centric to patient-driven. While this may be a minor distinction to some, giving people actual control is a big step toward the greater goal of continuous engagement and improved population health.


Patients can control their EHR from different providers and devices.


Users can choose and customize their health management programs.


Moderated support available from others on similar health journeys.


An educational Knowledge Base always at their fingertips.


Data tracking, both manually and through their device APIs.


User feedback is encouraged, acknowledged and used.


Attainable goal-setting and personalized progress charts.


Multiple gamification tactics to encourage daily and continuous use.


User-approved personalized notifications on multiple channels.

The Next Stage of Population Health

Technology and the population health movement has fueled many improvements and savings for our healthcare industry. But the full promise of improved public health outcomes has not yet been fulfilled.

There have been advances, along with a significant investment by healthcare providers throughout the healthcare ecosystem. But the promise of improved public health outcomes has not yet been fulfilled.

The reason is that many of the traditional behavior modification strategies we’ve relied on have proven less than effective in our fast-evolving digital world. The channels are there to engage the bulk of your population more effectively. What has been missing is a platform that not only leverages leading-edge technology and analytics, but also leverages behavior strategies aligned with today’s digital health environment.

Until now.

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