Empowerment for engagement

Partner with HealthChampion to improve engagement and health outcomes

Empowerment for engagement

Partner with HealthChampion to improve engagement and health outcomes

Partner with HealthChampion

HealthChampion introduces an engagement platform that empowers your patients and members with high-relevance education, unfettered access to their health data and smart decision-making resources.

The challenge

To gain better control over your healthcare costs, you need a platform that reduces the barriers to the right information and creates an engaged population and membership.

Do you have a successful strategy for?

  • Outreach. How do you connect with the right audience or population for your program?
  • Engagement. How do you motivate more of your audience to take ownership of their health journey?
  • Access to health data. How does your team know who are the high-priority patients to contact each day? How does your population know what actions they should take today to improve their health?

HealthChampion is removing the barriers to critical information—for both you and your patients—by providing the right information at the right time to help engage your membership in meaningful change.

The HealthChampion platform

By partnering with HealthChampion, you can leverage our platform’s EHR gathering tools, which allows individual consumers to collect their digital health data from multiple providers, medical devices and fitness apps. We also provide an array of resources and tools to help you connect with and engage with your audience, as well as develop custom programs for your patients and members.

Reach your audience


Expand your outreach with push notifications, browser alerts and in-app messages.


Network with platform and individual app users through our forum and marketplace.


Create, distribute and market your own health and wellness programs on our health platform.

Engage your audience

Daily use

Our platform’s motivation, communication and incentive strategies encourage use and adherence.


Users are empowered to take ownership of their health journey, starting with their health & wellness records.


Leaders and activists are identified and nurtured to help guide the online community.

Access relevant data

Engagement reports

Monitor patient and member population with engagement reports and achievements.

Comprehensive EHR

Obtain permissioned access to your patient’s or member’s health and wellness records.

Personal feedback

Expand your EHR with authorized access to patient annotations and personal health journals.

Partnership Opportunities


Take your managed care organization’s population health to the next level with powerful engagement tools and strategies designed to empower and entice your patients to commit to their personal health journey.

Learn more about our MCO solutions.


Answer your accountable care organization’s population engagement challenge with programs and strategies specifically designed to improve patient engagement and health outcomes.

Learn more about our ACO solutions.

Telemedicine providers

As competition in the telemedicine arena heats up, make sure you stay ahead with access to comprehensive patient health records, including real-time medical device and fitness app data.

Learn more about our Telemedicine solutions.

Medical groups

Empower your patients to take control of their health journey outside of scheduled appointments with personalized health management programs and full access to all their medical, health and wellness data.

Learn more about our Medical Group solutions.

Wellness providers

Whether you’re a nutritionist, personal trainer, massage therapist or specialized wellness professional, offer your clients more by leveraging our platform to create personalized and branded health programs.

Learn more about our Wellness solutions.


Lower your employee and member healthcare costs by empowering them to take ownership of their healthcare journeys and participating in engaging health improvement programs.

Learn more about our Self-Insured Health solutions.

Join the movement

HealthChampion is shifting the balance of power to you – creating a movement towards improved outcomes, savings, and a more well-rounded approach to health – at no cost to you. You’ll have greater control over your health records, decisions and destiny. 

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