Getting Personal With Healthcare Accountability

Under our current complex healthcare system, costs have spiraled out of control and consumers are increasingly disconnected from the providers and services they need to manage healthcare for themselves and their families. People-driven health seeks to empower and...

We Need People-Driven Healthcare Now More Than Ever

“Sir, Maybe You Should Be More Responsible For Your Own Healthcare.” As many of you know, I’m a serial entrepreneur. But that’s not why I’m launching HealthChampion. The impetus for this new adventure came a year ago as I underwent a familiar struggle for many...


What are Personal Health Records?

PHR goes way beyond your hospital or medical records. It includes all available data about and useful for your health. That means that your PHR includes your own observations and experiences.



We're headed to HIMSS19 to meet with the thought leaders of the healthcare industry. It's time for the healthcare community to unite and help people champion their health. Sign up here or join us at the conference to learn more about our vision of a future where the...

Blogher Conference 2019

We are eager to meet with entrepreneurs, content creators, media makers, bloggers, and influencers at the Blogher Conference 2019. Here at HealthChampion we understand that there isn't just one path to reaching your health destiny. Wellness is multifaceted and can be...


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