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Reynaldo Villar

Founding Partner, Digital

Rey Villar, founding partner at HealthChampion, is an accomplished digital marketer, growth hacker, and speaker specializing in digital and growth marketing strategies and tactics. Rey has extensive experience in the technology, fintech and healthcare markets and has worked to bring an uncommon blend of traditional and leading-edge marketing strategies to businesses throughout the country.

In addition to HealthChampion, Rey is an adjunct lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Stout’s STEMM program with an emphasis on analytics, marketing, technology and IT policy. He is also a business development advisor for SproutTrip Blockchain Labs, a marketing and digital advisor for Midwest Home Physicians, and a member and advisor with the 1871 tech incubator in Chicago.

In his personal time, Rey is an active volunteer, devoted father, occasional filmmaker and passionate student of emerging disruptive technologies and business development strategies.

Recent Posts by Rey

Healthcare gamification for patient engagement

One-size-fits-all gamification is not enough to improve patient outcomes

Around one in three of all adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions, many of which can be avoided or whose ...
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Healthcare should be easier and more transparent

Why isn’t our healthcare system easier and more transparent?

Today’s Health Consumers Want Easy Access to True Costs and Quality Services When we purchase something at a store, we’re ...
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Getting personal with healthcare accountability

Getting personal with healthcare accountability

Under our current complex healthcare system, costs have spiraled out of control and consumers are increasingly disconnected from the providers ...
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