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Easing Your Employees’ Very Valid Reluctance to Returning to the Office

A recent study found that nearly 71% of workers in the U.S. do not feel completely safe in their employers’ facilities. The good news is that there are tangible steps that businesses and organizations can take to relieve much of their employees’ fears. It’s no surprise to most American workers that so many of their […]

covid-19 and hipaa Blog | HealthChampion

HIPAA and COVID-19: What Businesses and Employers Need to Know About Privacy as They Combat COVID

While HIPAA regulations do impact how employers handle protected health information, the good news is that businesses have some latitude when it comes to COVID-19. The need to protect workers and workplaces has raised questions among many HR professionals and business leaders about the impact of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) on new […]

Pure Michigan

What Michigan businesses need to know and do as they return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic

The roadmap for reopening and re-engaging Michigan’s economy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has been published. Is your company ready? As the global COVID-19 pandemic deepened, Michigan enacted one of the strictest stay-at-home orders in the nation, starting on March 24. Nearly three months later, as Michigan businesses start returning to work or […]

checklist HR

A COVID-19 Checklist for Human Resources Directors and Managers

As companies across the country begin to reopen or ramp up operations, the job of ensuring that employees are kept safe typically fall on the shoulder of human resources professionals. And it hasn’t been an easy task. Business leaders are increasingly turning to their HR, personnel or people programs department managers to… Stay on top […]

employee screening

COVID-19 employee screening tips to prevent this pandemic from entering your offices, facilities and worksites

While not foolproof, daily employee pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms is important for lowering the risk of exposure for all employees The need to transition back to work is clear for most businesses. But how can businesses re-open or continue to operate safely when we’re still in the first wave of this pandemic? The answer will […]

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Mobile App Daily explores the winning features of the HealthChampion health app

Mobile App Daily recently published its deep dive in the HealthChampion digital health app for consumers and praised the app’s robust functionality, especially for individuals concerned about COVID-19’s impact on their family. With this app, your health data is always in focus. This app is a medicine tracker and maintains your electronic health record so […]

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Cult of Mac features HealthChampion among health apps of the week

The HealthChampion digital health app for consumers was recently included in Charlie Sorrel’s list of best health and home tracking apps available in the App Store (iOS). With more than 3.5 million visitors each month, Cult of Mac is one of the top tech news resource for Apple users. For more information, check out the […]

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Tapscape touts the HealthChampion app for its health data and care management functions

The HealthChampion digital health app for consumers was recently reviewed by Maya Gul, of Australia-based Tapscape. Her review focused on the app’s ability to integrate and manage health data and medical records from multiple sources. With HealthChampion, you only need one app to handle your medical records, view your fitness data and medical devices, and […]

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iGeeksBlog raves about HealthChampion’s COVID-19 symptom tracking features

The HealthChampion consumer health app was featured today in a glowing review by the editor of iGeeksBlog. After analyzing HealthChampion’s ability to track medical records and integrate health data, his verdict underlined the promise that HealthChampion offers to both consumers and healthcare providers. HealthChampion is a proficient health guide that can prove to be immensely […]

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iPhoneGlance applauds the HealthChampion app for its COVID-19 solution

Amid our current Coronavirus crisis, the new COVID-19 symptom-tracking features in the HealthChampion digital health app for consumer was a winner for iPhoneGlance, in its recent review. We are currently facing a global pandemic and every news channel and social media platform is talking about the very serious virus that seems to have grip all […]

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Android Headlines Hails HealthChampion’s free COVID-19 symptom tracker

The HealthChampion digital health app for consumers received another positive review today, this time from Android Headlines. It’s a perfect tool for pretty much anybody, whether you’re a super-fit running enthusiast looking to shave seconds off your 10k time or a person living with a chronic condition, such as asthma, diabetes, or obesity, who needs […]

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App Advice assesses updates to HealthChampion’s digital health app for consumers

The App Advice staff recently joined other app review publications in reviewing the updated HealthChampion digital health app for consumers. HealthChampion is the ideal tool for just about anybody, from fit and active adults looking to maximize their performance to people with chronic illnesses who need clinically designed care pathways to help them manage their […]

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iLounge publishes a review of the HealthChampion digital health app

During its recent review of the updated HealthChampion digital health app for consumers, the iLounge team found most valuable our family medical records and health data management (and sharing) functionalities. HealthChampion keeps all your medical and health data in one platform. Not only that, but it supports health trackers and devices as well. Your e-health […]

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One-size-fits-all gamification is not enough to improve patient outcomes

Around one in three of all adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions, many of which can be avoided or whose symptoms can be mitigated through diet and exercise. Medical professionals have long understood that patient engagement and adherence is the simplest solution to improving our population’s health. Contrary to what some may believe, however, the […]

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Can digital health bridge the low-income gap?

We’ve known for a few years that income correlates with health in a major way. From the length of life to stroke risk to self-reported health status, the more access, opportunity, and means of upward mobility a person has, the better their projected health outcomes.  Waves of organizations are stepping up to help put things on a […]

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Spiraling healthcare costs: New solutions to an old problem are emerging

No one would buy a new car without doing some research, shopping around and taking a test drive. So why do Americans seem to accept the high costs of healthcare without conducting the same research? In comparison to other developed countries we use the same amount and receive the same quality of healthcare services. But […]

Why isn’t our healthcare system easier and more transparent Thumbnail

Why isn’t our healthcare system easier and more transparent?

Today’s Health Consumers Want Easy Access to True Costs and Quality Services When we purchase something at a store, we’re given the price before we decide to buy. But when we go into the doctor’s office, we’re provided a service where we may (or may not) pay out of pocket or we have a co-pay […]

Personal accountability

Getting personal with healthcare accountability

Under our current complex healthcare system, costs have spiraled out of control and consumers are increasingly disconnected from the providers and services they need to manage healthcare for themselves and their families. People-driven health seeks to empower and encourage consumers to take ownership of their own health journey. We believe it can be the solution […]