Terrence Ryan

Founder and CEO

Terrence (Terry) M. Ryan, CEO and founding partner at HealthChampion, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built, funded and scaled numerous technology / data-centric businesses in both the software and services space.

Each of these businesses have been recognized for their speed and scale in Inc. 500 / 5000 and Crain’s Fast 50. Most have been awarded multiple years running, placing several times in the single and double digits, on a repeated basis. His expertise and successful track records with both private and institutional capital raises have allowed many of these companies to see premium valuations, returns and exits to the shareholder community.

Through his decades-long background in healthcare technology, big data, and analytics, Terry saw an emerging opportunity to change the way people manage and improve their health in ways never before possible. At a time when people’s health data is at the forefront of legislation and technology advancements, HealthChampion is working to improve people’s health journey with the long-term intention of reshaping the healthcare ecosystem. Terry’s vision is to leverage technology to enable people to tap into all their health information sources and create a more comprehensive health picture that will help build healthier, happier lives for themselves and their families.

Terry’s emphasis on ethics, his reputation as a straight shooter, and his instincts to build up teams and the people around him, are squarely planted in his tightly-knit, people-first background. He has demonstrated repeatedly that by striving to do the right thing by his customers, employees, and investors, business success will follow.

When he isn’t taking on the world’s health tech challenges, Terry enjoys creating memorable experiences with his wife Kathy, their children, and extended friends and family. Terry is a Chicago resident, and savors Summer lake life in Wisconsin. He also appreciates sporting and music events, traveling with family, as well as boating, skiing and hiking.

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